About Kristine

For me, art is about expanding my views of the world, color, texture, and subject matter. I enjoy trying new mediums and ways of seeing the world in which we live. Everything I do is an art form to me. From eating and breathing, riding horses, running, to Tai Chi and dancing. Even having a simple conversation or walking to the mailbox is an art unto itself. Welcome to my world of art.

My painting and my life have become about balance and movement.

Since I was seven years old, I’ve been riding horses and ponies and they taught me balance and movement in too many ways to describe them all. Then, I was drawn to learn and teach Tai Chi, which taught me single person balance within my own movement. Tai Chi flowed into Ballroom dancing, where I learned a whole new way to combine my training from the horses with the movements of Tai Chi to balance in moving with another person.

I feel and see these influences in my own artwork as I combine the ability to paint realistic works and completely abstract works and every variation in between. I love how my art training in principles and techniques make the most fluid and non-objective paintings have a form of their own and each realistic piece has the looseness of an abstract, say in each feather on a bird. Most of all, when I paint, I delight in watching the painting emerge, as if someone else is doing the art and I’m just holding the brush.

I live in gratitude that I’m able to balance hours at an art table with hours hiking, running and horseback riding. The movement from inspiration to inspiration is endless and free and I revel in the ability to express some of this world’s beauty on paper. I hope my art brings beauty and joy to those who share their space with it.

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